Raspberry Truffle Tart Recipe

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This is pure indulgence. What could be more enticing than a giant raspberry-flavored truffle set in a biscotti crust. When I say 'truffle', I do not mean the 'fungus' truffle. This is a 'chocolate' truffle, which is really just Ganache. 'Ganache' (pronounced gahn-AHSH) is that lovely French term referring to a smooth mixture of chopped chocolate and heavy cream. To make a raspberry flavored Ganache, we simply add raspberry sauce to the melted chocolate and cream. This mixture is poured into a baked tart shell made with crushed biscotti (store bought) and melted butter. Quite easy to make yet stunning to look at and so delicious. Serve in small slices with fresh berries, raspberry sauce, softly whipped cream, or even cr?e fra?he.

The taste and quality of any chocolate dessert is dependent on the type of chocolate we use. Chocolate is a complicated ingredient that, like coffee, begins with beans. Cacao beans from the tropical tree Theobroma, that is, which translates to "Food of the Gods". There are three types of cacao beans (Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario) and the type and/or blend of beans, their quality, and where they are grown all contribute to the quality and taste of the chocolate. Other factors affecting taste and quality are how the beans are roasted, how the beans are ground into a mass called chocolate liquor, how much extra cocoa butter is added to the chocolate liquor, quality and amount of other ingredients added, and how long the chocolate liquor is conched (processed). Therefore, a chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content will produce a Ganache that is firmer than one made with a chocolate that has a low cocoa butter content. And a chocolate with a velvety smooth texture will produce a Ganache that is velvety smooth. So, from this you can see that the type of chocolate for making this tart is important but make sure you like the chocolate when eaten out of hand. Some of my personal favorites that are readily available and at a reasonable cost are Lindt and Schaeffer Bergen.

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